Recursos de programación de apache
Apache Cassandra is a scalable database with high availability features. But they come with severe limitations in term of querying capabilities. Since the introduction of SASI in Cassandra 3.4, the limitations belong to the pass. Now you can create performant indices on your columns as well as benefit from **full text search** capabilities with the introduction of the new `LIKE %term%` syntax. To illustrate how SASI works, we'll use a database of 100 000 albums and artists. We'll also show how SASI can help to accelerate analytics scenarios with Spark using SparkSQL predicate-pushdown
I've just watched this very interesting talk by Martin Kleppmann Turning the database inside out with Apache Samza - por Garajeando
In this talk, we present Apache SAMOA, an open-source platform for mining big data streams with Apache Flink, Storm and Samza. Real time analytics is becoming the fastest and most efficient way to obtain useful knowledge from what is happening now, allowing organizations to react quickly when problems appear or to detect new trends helping to improve their performance. Apache SAMOA includes algorithms for the most common machine learning tasks such as classification and clustering. It provides a pluggable architecture that allows it to run on Apache Flink, but also with other several distributed stream processing engines such as Storm and Samza.