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Recursos de programación de pair programming
Este fin de semana pasado se ha celebrado el  AOS2015 en Gijón. El AOS (Agile Open Space) es un evento organizado por Agile Spain y reúne gran parte de la comunidad ágil nacional para compartir experiencias durante un par de días.El formato usado es Open Space que es una conferencia auto organizada por los propios asistentes en el mismo momento del evento.En esta ocasión he tenido la suerte de compartir la experiencia con gran parte del equipo de producto de Alea Soluciones. Sólo nos h...
En este nuevo episodio hablamos sobre Pair Programming. ¿Qué es? ¿En qué consiste? ¿Por qué creemos que lo hacemos pero no? Esperamos que os guste.
Few weeks ago I attended to the first Socrates conference organized in spain (In Tenerife)
Pair programming is probably the most well known eXtreme Programming practice… but how many companies really use it? In Spain I don’t know any company (maybe, with luck, just a hand full) doing pair programming but abroad you have a big adoption. Why is that? Is Pair programming: effective? expensive? great for coders? fun? tiring? thrilling? Worth it? What about code reviews? Should I do code reviews if I’m pair programming? What’s in it for me? I intent to tell you about my experience with Pair Programming… the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Autor: Pedro Gustavo Torres
Yesterday Álvaro García (@alvarobiz) and I paired working on a possible solution to the Unconditional rock, paper, scissors kata that I facilitated in the recent SCBCN14 event. This is the last version of the tests so far: And this is the last version of the code: We managed to write the code without having to use conditionals in any moment. You can follow the process if you like since we did commits after every passing test and every refactoring. You can check the code in this GitHub reposito...
Kevin wants to hear about people’s experience with pair programming. (I’m curious too!) - por Joel On Software
A couple of developers here at Fog Creek have spent the last day or so doing ‘extreme programming’ … actually pair programming, which is all anybody remembers… Read more "2001/04/05" - por Joel On Software