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"Knowing what is going on inside of a running Grails application can be an important part of optimizing a production environment. This can be particularly important in a micro-service architecture where there are multiple pieces of the system which may need to be scaled up/down independent of the rest of the system in response to changing load conditions. Grails 3 offers very powerful capabilities related to monitoring and metrics. This session will discuss and demonstrate those capabilities." Todos los videos de Greach 2017 Suscríbete a nuestra newsletter; Facebook; Twitter;
"Documentation generated from source code is very popular. Solutions such as Swagger are available for many different languages and frameworks. However, limitations of annotation based tools are becoming apparent. An overwhelming number of documentation annotations make for great docs but muddy the source code. Then, something changes and the docs are out of date again. Test-driven documentation solutions, such as Spring Rest Docs, generate example snippets for requests and responses from tests ensuring both code coverage and accurate documentation. It can even fail the build when documentation becomes out of date. This session will walk through how to implement test-driven documentation solutions for groovy ecosystem technologies like Spring Boot, Grails, and Ratpack." Todos los videos de Greach 2017 Suscríbete a nuestra newsletter; Facebook; Twitter;
La charla será 100% práctica. Veremos como crear un bot desde 0 y como configurarlo para que "hable" con la API de Spotify. Además, haremos una segunda versión con Flask que permitirá hacer el bot multiusuario, así como acceder a todos los datos privados del usuario en Spotify, lo que nos permitirá crear Playlists, añadir canciones, recibir sugerencias, hacer búsquedas más completas, etc. La charla requiere un mínimo de conocimientos de Python, Flask y de conceptos como APIs REST y OAuth. Presentación disponible en
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I like being agile and I can say without embarrassment that I have some experience in promoting this way of working and culture... From this experience I can say that what works in the long term is a way of working that put focuses on two things:A healthy culture focused on people (collaboration, respect, team work, creativity...) Looking for quality and technical excellence (for example XP practices are a great starting point).Too much focus on methodology without technical practices or wi...
I've just watched this very interesting talk by Bobby Calderwood From REST to CQRS with Clojure, Kafka, & Datomic - por Garajeando
Jose María Rodríguez Hurtado (Genbeta Dev / Jobandtalent) Las APIs más populares que utilizamos a día de hoy son RESTful APIs o un pseudo estándar ad hoc HTTP. Pero la necesidad de avanzar rápido en productos cada vez más complejos más allá de un simple CRUD ha empujado un cambio en la forma en que interactuamos con las APIs. Aquí es dónde surge GraphQL, un fuerte candidato predestinado a sustituir a REST en muchas aplicaciones, sobre todo en el ecosistema móvil de apps. ¿Qué hay de malo en REST? Nada en su concepción inicial y en el contexto dónde surgió, pero desde que fuera definido la forma de interactuar con las APIs ha cambiado. Vamos a repasar las razones por las que deberíamos repensar las tradicionales APIs basadas en RESTful en favor de GraphQL. Suscríbete a nuestra newsletter; Facebook; Twitter;
Uri Goldshtein ( explains what is GraphQL (, why is it a good practice for modern Angular applications ( and how to use it in your existing apps with the help of the Angular-Apollo library ( - 00:00 - Intro - 01:53 - Brief general overview of GraphQL - 06:08 - Why should Angular developers care about GraphQL - 10:08 - The problems of REST - 15:53 - Rethinking data fetching - 18:30 - GraphQL example - 23:32 - A Modern web app with GraphQL - 25:05 - More features of GraphQL - 28:08 - Live Angular2 GraphQL example - 33:28 - Misconceptions about GraphQL - 35:07 - Summary Resources and links: - Slides - GraphQL as the new standard for modern Angular apps - Angular2-Apollo library - Angular2 example from the talk #AngularCamp #Angular
January- El Eternauta, Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López- Barcelona. Los vagabundos de la chatarra, Jorge Carrión and Sagar Fornies- Rip Van Winkle, Washington Irving- La guerra interminable (The Forever War), Joe Haldeman- Maintanable JavaScript, Nicholas C. Zakas- Ve y pon un centinela (Go Set a Watchman), Harper Lee- El nombre del viento (The Name of the Wind), Patrick Rothfuss- You Don't Know JS: Async & Performance, Kyle Simpson- Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuva...
La semana pasada Luis Rovirosa y yo impartimos una formación de TDD en las oficinas de Gradiant en Vigo. Gradiant es el acrónimo en inglés del Centro Tecnolóxico de Telecomunicacións de Galicia (Galician Research and Development Center in Advanced Telecomunications) y utilizan los conocimientos y experiencia de sus profesionales de investigación para aportar valor a empresas y organizaciones mediante la transferencia de conocimiento y el diseño de productos especializados. La naturaleza del cen...
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I'm very happy to announce that I've joined Codesai's team. Many reasons made my path converge with Codesai's one. First of all, the people in Codesai. I met Carlos in 2011, because he was teaching the first TDD course I attended. Carlos is a humble and honest person that tries very hard to make sure his actions match what he believes. Later I've known him as a quiet, open-minded leader who is always willing to listen what other people have to say, and this permeates the whole Codesai team. Duri...