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Michel Raynal is an established authority in the domain of concurrent and distributed algorithms and systems. Author of numerous papers on this topic, Michel is a senior member of Institut Universitaire de France, and a member of Academia Europaea. He was the recipient of the 2015 Innovation in Distributed Computing Award (also known as SIROCCO Prize), recipient of the 2018 IEEE Outstanding Technical Achievement in Distributed Computing Award, and recipient of an Outstanding Career Award from the French chapter of ACM Sigops
Watch as 15 top AI startups pitch how they are building the future of healthcare, cybersecurity and more using AI. With this event, each startup will share their story, problem they’re solving, business model, technology and traction. You’ll also hear from Google and other leaders on their perspectives on the future of AI and startups. About the Program: In April 2024, we launched the inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First, a 10-week hybrid accelerator program for startups based in the US and Canada. The accelerator program brought the best of Google’s programs, products, people and technology to our 15 startups. In addition to mentorship and technical project support, the program focuses on product design, customer acquisition and leadership development. These 15 startups were selected based on their vision, team, traction and use of AI/ML. During the program, the teams partnered with Google experts and VCs to significantly advance their technology and business. Learn more about the program and each startup at:
Ellissa Verseput is a real sustainability enthusiast and aims to contribute her share in private and professional life. Experienced in creating practical AI applications in the energy domain, she is now leading the Data Team at Sympower. Ellissa's team provides AI-based forecasting and analytics, required to optimise and automate Sympower's flexibility services. Moisés Macero is a Lead Architect at Sympower. He has been a software developer since he was a kid, when he started playing around with BASIC on his ZX Spectrum. During his career, Moisés has most often worked in software development and architecture for small and large projects, and for his own startups too. He enjoys making software problems simple.
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Framework Attack, ci sta sfuggendo di mano? Esploriamo come navigare l'evoluzione dei framework di sviluppo. Unisciti a noi per scoprire strategie efficaci e analizzare l'era del framework attack. 📆 giovedì 13 giugno; 🕛 ore 18:30; 💻 live sui canali Linkedin, Twitch e YouTube di Codemotion. Ospiti: ⭐ Fabio Biondi | Google Developer Expert in Angular & Web Technologies Microsoft MVP e Google Developer Expert in web technologies con specializzazione Angular, con più di 15 anni di esperienza nella creazione di applicazioni web enterprise.Sviluppatore, istruttore e speaker in più eventi. Ha fondato e gestisce diverse community italiane che si occupano di Javascript, Angular e React (quasi 20000 membri). Attualmente si occupa di formazione, code review e mentoring principalmente su Angular, React, Javascript / Typescript, Redux, NGRX e RxJS. ⭐Paolo Insogna | Staff Developer Experience Engineer @NearForm Node.js TSC Member, Polyglot Developer. RPG e LARP addicted e nerd su tanto altro! Da Campobasso, somemrso da adorabili gatti paffuti! Master of Ceremonies: Luca Fregoso | Dev Talent Partner & Content Manager in Codemotion 👉 Iscriviti all'evento Linkedin per non perderti la live! ➡️ Info e iscrizioni: ------------------------------------------------------------- 🌟 Scopri tutte le novità e le iniziative della community di Codemotion: 🦸‍♂️ Diventa #CodemotionContributor: 🧡 Unisciti alla community su Telegram: 📆 Aggiungi il DevCalendar alla tua agenda: 🫶 Diventa #CodemotionPartner: 📍 Scopri l'iniziativa Cerco / Offro location per tech meetup:
Conoce cómo la #InteligenciaArtificial está cambiando nuestra vida cotidiana tanto en lo personal como en algunos ámbitos profesionales en “AI Everywhere by Doing”. En esta ocasión, nos acompaña Daniel García, Innovation & New Business Manager en Sngular.
Juanjo Madrigal is a software engineer at Devo. He moved from pure maths (MSc in Advanced Mathematics, Geometry & Topology, UCM) to programming, passing through fields like Computer Vision, Deep Learning and AI. During this journey, he has developed an interest in many different areas like functional programming or computer graphics, and some other less-known ones such as topological data analysis, computer algebra systems or type theory.
🚀 “Sngular Rocks porque estrujamos la #tecnología al máximo para darte la mejor experiencia.” 💻✨ ¡Pero eso no es todo! Conoce lo que nuestra compañera Mercedes Molina Díaz tiene para contarte. 👀 Explora por qué 🎸#SNGULARocks y descubre las oportunidades que tenemos para ti:
Javier G. Recuenco is a founding partner of Singular Solving and Singular Targeting, companies specialized in Complex Problem Solving and Applied Personotechnics. He has been CTO for several companies (Ecuality, Netdecisions) and has worked as an international consultant for companies such as Schlumberger Sema, Telefonica Data and Ernst&Young. Academic Director of the Seminar and Master in Complex Problem Solving at UNIR (University of La Rioja). Member of the Artificial Intelligence Faculty at UNIR (University of La Rioja) He has written several books, takes part in a couple of Podcasts and is the former president of MENSA Spain ( the High IQ Society)
En este segundo episodio profundizaremos en la importancia del agile coach en la gestión de métricas clave que determinan el éxito de los proyectos. Exploraremos cómo estas métricas pueden impulsar mejoras significativas en los resultados de negocio, producción y calidad. A lo largo del webinar presentaremos métricas esenciales que son aplicables a la mayoría de los proyectos y compartiremos un caso de estudio para ilustrar su implementación y beneficios. Si quieres ver el primer episodio pincha aquí abajo: