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Paolo discusses programming chatbots in Italian, chatbots post GDPR, building community and organiser tools for community interviews. About Paolo: A developer since the 80s, architect and project manager in the 90s and early 00s, back to software design and development in the last 10 years. Many technologies under the belt, such as C, Perl, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails. Doing some work with Elixir and Phoenix lately, plus some AWS Lambda and chatbots. Owner of
Participating in conferences and learning from experts is great, but as a community, we are missing a lot when it’s the same faces every year, everywhere. We have to do our best to include everyone from a diverse background as speakers and learn from their experiences. This panel discussion features established speakers with diverse backgrounds and will inspire you to start your own public speaking career. We will talk about topics like the impostor syndrome, stage fright, topic selection, and will have an extensive Q&A to answer anything you are wondering about public speaking. Panel participants: Armagan Amcalar Head of Software Engineering - Wayfair Armagan is currently working as a Senior Engineering Manager at Wayfair, responsible for leading the creation of innovative products to enhance the experiences of Wayfair's partners. A software architect well versed in both the backend and frontend systems, he focuses on building resilient clouds. He loves open source and is the author of cote, a library for building microservices with Node.js. He spends most of his free time teaching JavaScript as a university lecturer, a consultant or an NGO worker. He also leads Lonca Works, a software craftsmanship guild. Lara Martín Android & Flutter Developer - Lara is a Flutter GDE and Android developer based in Berlin. Lara has been involved with the community since she started programming: sharing knowledge online, giving talks worldwide and finally becoming a GDE. Her dream is to make apps more accessible for everyone. When she’s not attending a tech meetup, you will find her playing video games or with her dog Lily. Dave Cheney I am a software engineer and hardware enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. I write, speak, and promote Go around the world. Raffaella Isidori Founder/Creative Director - I build brands and design the communication for businesses around the world and assist companies in localizing (Ita/Eng) their brands, products, and messages. Besides that, I design (UX/graphic/visual/digital/print), study, teach, take pictures, write, translate & coach professionals on communication and language. Curious as a cat, and in love with diversities, I collect books, fonts, spices, and essential oils. I live and work in the countryside (mostly Italian), surrounded by flora & fauna, where I cultivate dreams, and push boundaries. Online, I'm Zetaraffix
After having worked at an AR-focused company with the Vuzix, a Google Glass-like product, Ruben had a lot of fun with the hardware and really wanted to have one at home to play around with. Unfortunately, they are too expensive to get one just for hobby purposes. This session will cover what was required to build his own wearable, the pitfalls, the compromises, and the sheer joy of saying "Screw it, I'll build it myself!". About: Ruben van der Leun, Web and XR Developer - Leunix Ruben has practically been a Software Developer all his life. Starting off with GW-Basic, QBasic and a bit of Pascal, he went to college to learn more about .NET. However, when he got his first job, he found himself diving into the wonderful world of Web development and remained there ever since. By day, he is a Freelance Software Developer, currently working at the KLM. By night, he plays around with realities, both Virtual and Augmented. He tends to evangelise about these topics wherever he can, as long as there are people around willing to listen.
Although more than half of the world’s websites are in English, only about 25% of web users are English speakers. With half of the world’s population connected and more coming online every minute, internationalisation is as relevant as ever! Let’s explore how i18n gets made on the web and what we should keep in mind and what we should avoid when making the web more accessible to the world. About: Eli Schütze Ramírez, Web engineer, Monzo Eli is a software developer currently working as an Agile UI Developer at Trainline developing a full stack javascript application (Node, Typescript, React, Redux, RxJS) with unit and integration tests (Jest, Enzyme, Selenium) with preference for functional programming design patterns. She works to constantly improve upon and create solutions for issues around web performance, accessibility, web analytics, localisation, multi-currency support, and browser compatibility. She's a big advocate of diversity in tech and coach/mentor at both codebar and NodeGirls and organizes Reactivate, a monthly meetup
La verdad, quedan pocos protocolos de Internet que se puedan explicar a fondo en menos de 40 minutos. De hecho, creo que MQTT es el último de ellos. Nacido hace 20 años, como muchos de los que usamos, ha encontrado su momento con el auge de Internet de las Cosas. MQTT es quisquilloso, pero hermosamente simple. Un diseño tan centrado en la escasez y pragmático, que como ingeniero se te saltan las lágrimas de emoción. Vamos a aprenderlo desde las bases, sin node.js o JavaScript. IoT que se toca, desde la línea de comandos, con Vim y scripts del Shell, como se aprenden los protocolos. About: Samuel Jiménez Romero Particular, Particular Supe que sería ingeniero justo después de ver Juegos de Guerra, un clásico de los ochentas que todo informático de bien debería ver. Eso de decidir tu futuro inspirado por una peli puede acabar muy mal (depende del género) pero se llevaba mucho entonces lo de las epifanías. Me encanta el cacharreo. Creo que es la mejor forma de aprender algo de verdad, porque te enseña a manejar la frustración y a gestionar recursos escasos. Y una vez hecho ésto, nada mejor que contárselo a los demás para que la rueda del conocimiento siga girando.
Una sessione di live coding tramite la quale verrà affrontata l’integrazione di NGRX in applicazioni Angular (8) focalizzandoci sulla gestione dello stato applicativo. Dopo una breve panoramica sull’organizzazione di progetti enterprise, sul pattern Redux e sui vantaggi di utilizzare Typescript in applicazioni enterprise, si analizzeranno tutti i costrutti necessari per implementare correttamente questo state manager: reducer e meta-reducer, utilizzo di middleware (effects), azioni, selettori, entity, redux router. Fabio Biondi, Instructor, Google Developer Expert & Microsoft MVP Fabio is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies / Angular and Microsoft MVP with more than 15 years of experience in developing enterprise level applications, interactive experiences and UI components in several languages and web technologies. He's both a community leader and a frequent contributor in many Italian front-end usergroups (Angular, React, Javascript). Currently, he holds meetups, events and training courses all over Italy. Love: Angular, React, Redux, NGRX, RxJS, JS, TS
De entre los frameworks JavaScript, Ember.js es sin duda un veterano que lleva años contribuyendo a definir el camino del desarrollo web. Hoy en día, Ember está más activo de lo que parece y nos tiene preparadas unas cuantas sorpresas. En este Meetup analizaremos el pasado, presente y futuro de este gran framework enfocado a construir grandes aplicaciones. Somos una pequeña comunidad de desarrolladores Front dedicados a promulgar y difundir EmberJS cómo framework dentro del extenso mundo del desarrollo Web Adrián González Rus, Software Crafter - BBVA Next Technologies Software Crafter currently working in BBVA Next Technologies as Core Architect on Mobile Banking Spain Project at BBVA. Sergio del Valle Salvador, Software Developer - BBVA IT Spain Llevo más de dos años trabajando en Ember en una de las aplicaciones más ambiciosas actualmente en España. Con intereses muy diversos más allá del desarrollo y cierta facilidad para el habla. Juan Antonio Gómez Benito, Technical Architect - BBVA Next Arquitecto de Software en BBVA Next, optimista en los días pares y buen tipo en general. Cacharreando desde niño con cualquier cosa electrónica que caía en mis manos. Llevo más de diez años navegando por el desarrollo web, los últimos 5 en el equipo Mobile Channel construyendo el futuro de la banca española.
Diversity is a very hot topic, and even more so in tech. It also happens to be a big selling point and a marketing tool for individuals and companies alike. People and companies use diversity for many different purposes. Some because they genuinely care, some to fill in a quota, others to appease the gods. However, independent of your intentions, you could actually be doing a lot of harm without knowing it. How do you create a working environment that is truly safe for the under-represented and historically oppressed people, without inadvertently doing the opposite of what you set out for? About: Chinenye Onuegbu, Software Engineer - Yilu I am passionate about everything tech, especially interested in JavaScript and I love tinkering with transistors.
El mundo frontend siempre ha sido conocido por su naturaleza volátil, sin embargo no hacemos demasiado esfuerzo para abstraernos de dicha naturaleza. Deberíamos construir software robusto y de larga vida. En esta charla veremos cómo afrontar problemas comunes en el mundo frontend usando TypeScript, componentes y varios patrones de diseño. Además veremos cómo hacer nuestro software abierto al cambio sin tener que intentar adivinar el futuro. Y por supuesto seguiremos los principios SOLID para que nuestra aplicación sea fácil de cambiar y probar. ¡Comencemos este viaje hacia el software bonito! About: César Alberca, Developer and consultant - Autentia Hello! I'm César and last year I assisted to my first big event ever: And I loved every single bit, so I promised myself that next year I'll be proposing a talk. But knowing how high the stakes were, I knew I had to prepare myself, so I started doing some minor talks, workshops and talks. And let me tell you about myself. I'm 23, I'm from Alcorcón, and I've been programming for about 5 years. I started as a designer, moved to Web Design and then dabbled a bit in Android. Right now my area of expertise is Web Development: with JavaScript,TypeScript, Vue, React, HTML, CSS and Kotlin.