Recursos de programación de erlang
This presentation by Andrea Leopardi took place at Lambda World Cádiz on October 26th, 2018 at the Palacio de Congresos in Cádiz, Spain. Elixir - functional, concurrent, distributed programming for the rest of us Some functional languages require a lot of ceremony to do imperative things. Some have complex abstractions around concurrency or distribution. Some make handling failures painful. Elixir is a flexible language that has many of the nice things functional programming provides, but also strives for being practical. In this talk, we'll see how Elixir and the Erlang virtual machine provide a set of tools that make it easier to work with concurrent, distributed applications. We'll see how failure handling and most of all recovery are built in the foundations of the language. We'll see how this plays well with modern system architectures. Follow: - - - Visit: - for more details -
Miriam Pena trabaja como staff engineer en AdRoll, donde diseña partes críticas de la infraestructura que sirve anuncios por internet. Estudió Ingeniería Informática en la Universidad de La Coruña y tiene 10 años de experiencia desarrollando sistemas escalables de alta concurrencia escritos en Erlang. Ha sido votada como una de las mujeres que seguir en 2018 por Women 2.0. ---------- El mayor evento de España en torno al Data Science con perspectiva de género. Un día de ponencias técnicas y otro de datatón por equipos con un gran premio ---------- ¿Y si lo escuchas mientras vas al trabajo o te pones en forma?: ---------- Todos los videos de Call of Data 2018: Suscríbete a nuestra newsletter; Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn
"Tras un pequeño parón en Marzo, volvemos a la carga abriendo Abril con dos charlas de lujo de la mano de Imanol Fernández y de José Luis Esteban. Imanol [1], ingeniero de plataforma en Mozilla, es una máquina de producir código y uno de los referentes en todo lo relativo a WebVR y WebGL en Servo y Gecko. En esta ocasión vendrá a hablarnos, desde el punto de vista de un fan de C/C++, de cómo Rust se está posicionado como una de las alternativas reales a estos lenguajes. José Luis [2], trae consigo una vasta experiencia en desarrollo C++ en el entorno financiero y una gran pasión por Haskell, Elixir/Erlang, la programación concurrente y la programación funcional. Con su charla "El lado egoísta de Rust", tratará tres conceptos básicos de Rust: mutabilidad, ownership y borrowing. Recordad que todos los eventos de MadRust están sujetos a la aceptación y cumplimiento del código de conducta de la comunidad de Rust [3]. [1] [2] [3] " Suscríbete a nuestra newsletter; Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn
Erlang/Elixir sono linguaggi funzionali usati per applicazioni concorrenti, ad alta affidabilità e scalabili. La clusterizzazione è sicuramente uno dei punti di forza. Nel talk partiremo dai concetti base fino creare una applicazione distribuita attraverso le OTP libraries. Facebook, Whatsapp ed altri grandi aziende utlizzano queste tecnologie, ma vedremo come possono essere utilizzate in realta piu piccole attraverso casi d'uso reali.
Declarative, Convergent Edge Computation: An Approach for the Internet of Things Consistency is hard and coordination is expensive. As we move into the world of connected ‘Internet of Things’ style applications, or large-scale mobile applications, devices have less power, periods of limited connectivity, and operate over unreliable asynchronous networks. This poses a problem with shared state: how do we handle concurrent operations over shared state, while clients are offline, and ensure that values converge to a desirable result without making the system unavailable? We look at a new programming model, called Lasp. This programming model combines distributed convergent data structures with a dataflow execution model designed for distribution over large-scale applications. This model supports arbitrary placement of processing node: this enables the user to author applications that can be distributed across data centers and pushed to the edge. In this talk, we will focus on the design of the language and show a series of sample applications. About Christopher Meiklejohn Christopher Meiklejohn is a Software Engineer with Basho Technologies, Inc. where he focuses on building rich web applications for Riak using Erlang and JavaScript. Before joining Basho, he worked at Swipely, a loyalty program startup based in Providence where he maintained critical infrastructure components written in Ruby. Christopher is also a graduate student in computer science at Brown University in Providence RI, where he studies formal verification and distributed systems. About Lambda World: The 2016 Lambda World brought together Functional Programming enthusiasts from around the world for two days of presentations, hacking, networking, and a healthy dose of partying in Cadiz, Spain. Hosted by 47 Degrees, the event also featured a Typelevel Community Conference and a Scala Center Hackathon. Join in on the conversation at and using #LambdaWorld. Stay tuned to and for more on the conference and announcements for the 2017 event.
Codemotion Milan 2015 - "The Magic of Elixir" by Gabriele Lana - Elixir è un nuovo linguaggio di programmazione che offre la gioia e la produttività di Ruby fondendola con la solidità e le performance di Erlang. In questo talk introdurrò velocemente il linguaggio di programmazione per concentrarmi sugli aspetti che fanno di Elixir un eccellente linguaggio per la creazione di sistemi concorrenti e distribuiti. Non perdete l'occasione di esplorare un linguaggio di programmazione che sarà protagonista nei prossimi anni. Attenzione! Questo talk potrebbe seriamente danneggiare il rapporto fra voi e il vostro linguaggio di programmazione preferito :-)
Codemotion Milan 2015 - "Handling Millions of Concurrent Users with Erlang/OTP" - Manuel Rubio - Software as a Service is a very popular term very used lately. All the code is in the cloud and should be accessible for every user without problems. Scale up and handle concurrency is a problem very common, mostly in systems with chat or sharing information for cooperative work or playing games together. Erlang was discovered for a lot of companies in several sectors and they felt in love with their features. This is a story about what are those features and how help to those companies or specific sectors to be successful.
I continue empting the talks queue... Here is another small batch of interesting talks:Stroop, Whorf, And Elixir Dave Thomas. Interesting info about how the language we use shape our thinking process and the importance of learning very diferent programming languages.Why Everyone Needs DevOps Now: A Fourteen Year Study Of High Performing IT Organizations Gene Kim. Interesting examples about high performing IT organizations (importance of development + operations, continuous deployment,...
I have a long queue of interesting talks, so I'll post the talks links in small batches. Here come the first one.Interesting Agile/Lean related talks:Competing On The Basis Of Speed  (Mary Poppendieck)  Optimizing for speed, flow, and waste reduction. Lean Software DevelopmentThe role of leadership in software development (Mary Poppendieck) Good talk, full of good advices.The Power of an Agile Mindset  (Linda Rising) Very good talk about the "Agile" mindset (aka experimentati...
A member of SCBCN coded a beautiful solution in F# for the Binary Search Tree kata. I wanted to try using pattern matching to get to a similar solution in Clojure. So I watched Sean Johnson's Pattern Matching in Clojure talk and read a bit the documentation of clojure/core.match. My intention was to use defrecord matching, but I couldn't make it work. Later I found out in an answer to this StackOverflow question, Pattern matching on records in Clojure, that this feature hadn't been implemented y...