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During Codemotion Madrid 2019, we interviewed Chinenye Onuegbu about Diversity in the Coding industry. Unfortunately, no matter how much modern companies try to tackle the issue, there is still a lot of room for improvement when dealing with diversity, as we were explained. In particular, companies should start from understanding how not to do diversity.
Este año desde Afaya (Juan Manuel Rodríguez Pérez y Azahara Fernández Guizán) nos hemos propuesto aumentar nuestro conocimiento del universo JavaScript ahondando en las posibilidades que ofrece JavaScript of Things. Es por ello, que estamos desarrollando dos pet projects: una máquina retro construida con Mecano y Rapsberri Pi del mítico juego Snake y un trivial inmunológico interactivo usando una RaspberriPi, un lector de códigos QR y un altavoz. ¿Te interesa? En esta charla te contamos como lo hemos hecho, que recursos te pueden servir si quieres hacer tu propio proyecto y algún consejo. ------------- Todos los vídeos de Codemotion 2019 en: ¡Conoce Autentia! Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:
La verdad, quedan pocos protocolos de Internet que se puedan explicar a fondo en menos de 40 minutos. De hecho, creo que MQTT es el último de ellos. Nacido hace 20 años, como muchos de los que usamos, ha encontrado su momento con el auge de Internet de las Cosas. MQTT es quisquilloso, pero hermosamente simple. Un diseño tan centrado en la escasez y pragmático, que como ingeniero se te saltan las lágrimas de emoción. Vamos a aprenderlo desde las bases, sin node.js o JavaScript. IoT que se toca, desde la línea de comandos, con Vim y scripts del Shell, como se aprenden los protocolos. ------------- Todos los vídeos de Codemotion 2019 en: ¡Conoce Autentia! Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:
¿Y si lo escuchas mientras vas al trabajo o te pones en forma?: ------------- Bluetooth can be used for many types of location service and it’s an area forecast to experience the biggest growth in the next few years, with 431 million location related devices shipping in 2023. In 2019, Bluetooth acquired a new capability which allows the direction of a signal to be accurately determined using one of two methods known as Angle of Arrival (AoA) or Angle of Departure (AoD). Come to this session and hear about this Bluetooth location services and the new direction finding feature, how it works and the uses it’s likely to be put to. ------------- Todos los vídeos de Codemotion 2019 en: ¡Conoce Autentia! Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:
Docker, Docker Swarm, contenedores, imagenes, orquestadores, Kubernetes son palabras que están presentes en cualquier arquitectura “moderna”. ¿Pero realmente sabes lo que significan o de qué hablan? Piensas que hablan en otro idioma. No te preocupes el objetivo de esta charla es aclarar todos esto “palabros” y que puedas entender por fin de que están hablando. En esta charla se va a explicar de manera simple y sencilla que en qué consiste Docker y Kubernetes. ------------- Todos los vídeos de Codemotion 2019 en: ¡Conoce Autentia! Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:
If you are a developer, you shouldn't be surprised about the fact that developers spend more than 24% of their time dealing with their development environments. Imagine having a magic button that instantiates a new development environment for you in seconds, integrated with the same hardware, network, and services that you need in production! This experience is now possible thanks to technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, and the automation provided by the cloud. ------------- Todos los vídeos de Codemotion 2019 en: ¡Conoce Autentia! Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:
I'm going to be telling you about what happens after your code reaches production, and how we can make that better. So as developers, we like to solve problems. We like to write code in order to feel like we're having an impact on the world. But the problem is that solving problems doesn't really just stop from the moment that we commit our code and land it into Git. We have to actually make sure that it's serving our users and making them happy. And as our systems grow more and more complex, it's much more difficult to understand what's actually going on. How can we make sure that our customers are having good experiences? How can we be sure that when things actually get deployed into production, for instance, when they're running on someone's Android device, or when they're running on millions of web browsers, how do we make sure that everything is still working as we planned? And what does it even mean for a system to be up or down? [...] Don't waste your time working on things that are not important. Work on your system to make it just reliable enough, and then go back to working on features. But then be prepared to go back to working on reliability when you need to. But a thing that people commonly overlook is that if you do not have observability, that is a systematic risk. That is a risk that adds to the length of every outage that you have. If you are spending the first 20 or 30 minutes out of every outage trying to figure out what's going on, and how to make it stop, that's a lot of unhappy users. So that's a systemic risk. And that's something that you may need to think about addressing. The other thing that's a hidden risk is a lack of collaboration. You may not necessarily see it directly when you do this risk analysis, but if your customer support team doesn't feel comfortable raising issues, then you're going to have issues last a lot longer before you even start working on them.
Todos las charlas de Codemotion Madrid 2019 en: 2 day and +2000 attendees event, Codemotion is the biggest tech conference in Italy and one of the most important in Europe, with a network of more than 500k developers. ¡Conoce Autentia! Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:
IT companies are addicted to exponential growth. But is this good for our planet, our society, and ourselves? Social entrepreneurship claims to offer an alternative - but something still doesn't feel right. This talk will combine my practical experience building "nonprofit businesses" with the macroeconomic theory of "post-growth" economists like Tim Jackson and Kate Raworth. This talk will question everything that you know about entrepreneurship, provide practical tools to build something different, and then offer you a blue pill and a red pill. Can you go back to "business as usual" again?
+ 2000 joined Codemotion Madrid 2109 on September 24-25! Thank you all for participating, we had two incredible days. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come! #CodemotionMadrid20