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Introduction. Some time ago we were developing a code that stored some data with a given TTL. We wanted to check not only that the data was stored correctly but also that it expired after the given TTL. This is an example of testing asynchronous code. When testing asynchronous code we need to carefully coordinate the test with the system it is testing to avoid running the assertion before the tested action has completed[1]. For example, the following test will always fail because the assertion...
Vuex es la librería de gestión de estados para Vue.js por excelencia, de hecho Vuex es referenciada desde la la documentación de Vue.js como el gestor de estados oficial. Esto quiere decir que está totalmente soportado por todas las las versiones de Vue.js. En este punto te estarás preguntando, ¿hay que conocer Vue.js como requisito para empezar a utilizar Vuex? La respuesta es: sí. Utlizar Vuex lleva intrínseco la utilización de VueJS. Si estás comenzando con Vue.js y todavía no te sientes e...
No siempre cuando estamos de guardias (on-call) estamos al 100% 🍻🍹😳🍷. Además, vamos a ver cuánto se cobra por ello. 💰👇👇💰 📟 CURSAZO que patrocina este vídeo 👉 🐵 Comunidad BCNEng 👉 💸 Excel precio guardias 👉 #gid=0 Junto a Rubén Cougil hoy vamos a contaros unas cuántas anécdotas que nos han pasado. Desde accidentes, hasta un robo del portátil macbook hasta interrupciones en el cine. {▶️} CodelyTV ├ 🎥 Suscríbete: ├ 🐦 Twitter CodelyTV: ├ 🙍🏽‍♂️ Twitter Rubén: ├ 💂🏼 Twitter Rafa: ├ 📸 Instagram: ├ ℹ️ LinkedIn: ├ 🟦 Facebook: └ 📕 Catálogo cursos:
Ktor is a web framework built from the ground up using Kotlin and coroutines. Amongst other things, it allows for creating robust and performant HTTP server applications. In this talk, we’re going to take a look at Ktor, the ideas behind it, and how we can easily create applications and have these deployed to Google Cloud with very little effort. About: Hadi Hariri, Developer Advocacy - JetBrains Developer and creator of many things OSS, he has been programming in one way, shape or form since the age of 12. Author of various publications and courses, Hadi has been speaking at industry events for nearly two decades. Host to Talking Kotlin, he works at JetBrains leading the Developer Advocacy team, and spends as much time as he can writing code.
USAR Z-INDEX 99999 ESTÁ MAL. USAR `px` ESTÁ MAL. NO HABLEMOS DEL GRID. Si no quieres ser como Rafa hazte este curso 👉 ✌️ Ahora en serio 😌, llevamos ya un tiempo trabajando juntos y Núria me ha hecho ver que no sé nada de CSS. En este vídeo hemos recopilado esos 5 errores más comunes que surgen mientras vas maquetando. Ojo que también hablamos un poco de Flex vs Grid y un poco de DevTools. Los ejemplos del vídeo los puedes ver en ⭐️ ⭐️ {▶️} CodelyTV ├ 🎥 Suscríbete: ├ 🐦 Twitter CodelyTV: ├ 🌶 Twitter Núria: ├ 💂🏼 Twitter Rafa: ├ 📸 Instagram: ├ ℹ️ LinkedIn: ├ 🟦 Facebook: └ 📕 Catálogo cursos: #css #layouts #team_zindex_9999
The Google for Startups Accelerator: Sustainable Development Goals showcase was a celebration of 11 EMEA-based startups that have been working on products and services that advance one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more about all the startups here: 05:36 Keynote by Jason Titus, Google VP of Developer Product Group. 11:40 - WonderTree designs augmented reality games to facilitate therapy and education for children with special needs. - 20:57 - mDoc uses a high-tech, high-touch approach to support people living with chronic diseases through our digital platform and in-person hubs. - 32:27 - Designed specifically for places without 911, the Flare Emergency Response Platform utilizes today’s mapping and telecommunications technology to connect patients to available ambulances and first responders in minutes. - 43:25 - Apic uses bees as bio-sensors to provide intelligence in the fight against the perishing of insects. - 53:55 - Ellipsis is mapping the missing 99% of plastic pollution, providing a global database to support positive environmental change. - 59:56 - Keynote by Agni Hryniewicz-Bieniek, Director of Google for Startups 1:08:33 - OroraTech is developing the first global wildfire intelligence service from space, including risk assessment, early detection, real-time monitoring and damage analysis. - 1:16:46 - Everimpact software measures and monetises city’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. - 1:26:13 - Cervest's platform provides personalised insights that help organisations and their supply chain predict and manage the short and long term effects of the changing climate. - 1:35:34 - OKO creates and distributes crop insurance to smallholder farmers in emerging countries, to secure their income and give them access to financial tools. We use simple mobile technologies to be accessible to anyone with a phone, and we automate claim verification using satellite data and images. - 1:43:57 - Solar Freeze is pioneering potable cold storage units powered by solar energy for rural smallholder farmers of perishable produce. - 1:52:33 - For job seekers who want to progress professionally, SkillLab is a personal career assistant that supports job seekers and career counselling services to uncover professional career pathways into jobs, education and volunteering. -
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Arranca la cuarta temporada con un episodio muy especial para mi. Da igual si es la cuarta o la tercera o si es el tercer aniversario. Lo importante es que me acompaña Joaquín Martí, al que seguro que vas a conocer mucho mejor en el episodio de hoy. Nueva temporada también en la Zona Premium El pasado viernes grabamos un episodio donde Super Coco hacia revelaciones sobre algunas novedades que traerá la temporada en la Zona Premium. Un directo mínimo a la semana, Vue 3, Docker, mob program...
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 These are the best podcast/talks I've seen/listen to recently: Agile as if you meant it (Maaret Pyhäjärvi) [Agile, Lean Product Management, Product, Product Strategy, Teams] (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) A good example of what Modern Agile looks like. Customer-focused team, with direct contact with the customer and without a proxy. Very interesting. It reminds me a lot of the way I used to work at [@AleaSolucionesS]( and at TheMotion ([@HoneyBadgersDev](h...