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Javi Velasco es un programador muy TOP. Actualmente está trabajando en Vercel (donde fue uno de los primeros empleados) creando y manteniendo código muy crítico para la infraestructura. En esta entrevista le preguntamos cómo llegó hasta ese punto. ﹤🍍﹥ Codely ├ 🎥 Suscríbete: ├ 🔖 Cursos: ├ 🔗 Enlaces mencionados: | ├ | ├ | └ └ 👋 Redes sociales: ├
Join industry experts Mark Richards and Christian Ciceri in a thought-provoking discussion on the intricacies of Transactional Sagas. Gain valuable insights into error handling, orchestration, and best practices, providing a comprehensive understanding of this critical aspect of distributed systems. -- Apiumhub is a software development hub that solves complex problems with high-quality solutions. Our purpose is to build scalable software to help our clients strengthen their businesses with powerful technology. Large and well-known companies have trusted us including Inditex, Mango, Bitpanda, Nestle, Axa, Tous, Adidas and more. Our services include web development, mobile app development, devops, quality assurance and software architecture. In addition to offering these services, we have a learning platform called ApiumAcademy where we offer customized courses. We have two digital products. VYou, a user management and access management solution and Koople, a Feature Flags tool. Both developed by developers for developers. Every year, we host the Global Software Architecture Summit (GSAS). An event that brings together hundreds of software architecture experts interested in learning, sharing, and connecting. Successful industry professionals such as Mark Richards, Neal Fords & Carola Lilienthal have attended our event as speakers. -- Visit our site: Learn more about our ApiumAcademy courses: Attend our event, Global Software Architecture Summit: VYou, our digital product: Koople, our Feature Flags tool: -- Social: -- 00:00 Introduction 00:41 Atomic SAGAs in HTTP 03:25 Misleading Atomic Consistency 07:10 Retryable Steps in Atomic SAGAs? 13:50 Orchestrator Failure Handling 17:26 Ensuring Request Continuity 22:39 Fairy Tale Saga Implementation 24:18 Possible hybrids between SAGA orchestrated and choreographed 29:15 Coupling in Synchronous SAGAs 38:15 Recommended Java SAGA Implementation 42:56 Narayana Java Transaction Manager 48:35 Summary 58:03 Conclusion
¿Cómo funcionan las suscripciones Push de Pub/Sub? Esta funcionalidad del servicio de mensajería de Google Cloud hace que sea el propio Pub/Sub quien envíe el mensaje justo cuando se publica en el topic. Además, el mensaje se envía al endpoint que especifiquemos a través de una petición HTTP post y, en este caso, el mensaje de confirmación de que nuestro mensaje ha sido procesado con éxito se hace a través de la respuesta de nuestro microservicio. ¿Quieres ver nuestros tutoriales? ¿Quieres escuchar nuestros podcasts? ¿Quieres saber cuáles son los próximos eventos que organizamos?:
STAGE from the Google for Startups Accelerator: India Class 6 is the world's first OTT platform in local dialects. They are building that STAGE which allows the artists to create local standup content for the local audience in their local context and dialects, a STAGE that allows the artists to distribute and monetize their content, a STAGE that allows the audience to discover highly curated local standup content that connects with them, a STAGE that connects Bharat, with Bharat. Learn more about what they do at
Ponente Nombre: Simone Giacomelli Título: Python all the way down: Seamless Server and in-Browser web programming with wwwpy, Pyodide and WASM. Sala: Antequera ———————— Slides for this talk: In this talk, we'll venture into a new frontier of web development by introducing an innovative method that seamlessly integrates server-side and in-browser programming. This transformative approach leverages the flexibility and power of Python and is made possible by Pyodide, a Python distribution operating on WebAssembly, and wwwpy, a pioneering library (authored by the speaker) that seamlessly integrates Python server-side operations with Pyodide. The disconnect between server-side and client-side programming is a prevalent challenge in web development: diverse languages and data structures in play at each end reduce the seamless communication and code reusability. The solution lies in Python's versatility, bridging this gap through Pyodide and wwwpy. By utilizing Python on both server and client (browser), a myriad of benefits is brought forth: The reuse of Python knowledge for client-side code which leverages the developer’s existing Python expertise and past experiences. The lower impedance between server and client is made possible by employing identical data structures (datetime, integer, float, list, set, dict, etc.) on both ends. The transparent interaction between client and server through secure RPC (Remote Procedure Call). The intrinsic development efficiency of sharing code between the two programming environments. The possibility to perform DOM manipulation and Web API usage directly with Python. The empowering capability to directly access and use JavaScript/TypeScript libraries from within Python, harmoniously blending diverse coding ecosystems and extending Python's functionality. In this context, Pyodide enables Python code execution directly within browsers and Node.js environments, effectively harnessing Python's potential to redefine the web development paradigm, and wwwpy provides a transparent way to invoke server functions from the browser and a Widget class to interact effortlessly with HTML5 elements. An additional highlight is Pyodide's support for a variety of packages, including pure Python wheels from PyPI, and pure Python and binary wasm32/emscripten wheels, featuring more than 150 packages such as numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, scipy, beautifulsoup4, and networkx. This talk will fundamentally change the way you perceive web development by introducing an integrated approach, reducing friction between server and client-side and elevating code reuse to new heights. Join us to explore the future of web programming, where Python reigns, from the server to the browser. Your web development journey will never be the same again! — Python España: Python Canarias: Twitter/X: @PyConES Mastodon: @pycones
Ponente Nombre: Andros Fenollosa Título: LiveView, un enfoque moderno de desarrollo Web Sala: Patos ———————— El enfoque de LiveView, o HTML sobre WebSockets, simplifica el desarrollo de aplicaciones de una sola página (SPA). Por un lado, evitar la construcción de una API (reduciendo costes), minimizas las esperas sustituyendo las peticiones HTTP por un protocolo más rápido (WebSockets), y puedes olvidarte de implementar un framework de JavaScript para renderizar el HTML, ya que lo harás desde el backend. Una técnica de desarrollo web que permite trabajar con lo mejor de un Server-side Rendering con la flexibilidad de una Single-page Application sin renunciar a un SEO de 100 puntos en PageSpeed Insights. Un enfoque moderno de desarrollo Web que evita el uso de APIs, la complejidad en el frontend y da respuestas en tiempo real. En la charla enseñaré sus secretos usando de base a Django. Desde la arquitectura, casos de éxitos que he vivido con clientes, ventajas, desventajas, aplicaciones, herramientas actuales, libros y un pequeño framework en Django. — Python España: Python Canarias: Twitter/X: @PyConES Mastodon: @pycones
Google for Startups Accelerator: Black Founders - Demo Day 2023 In September, we officially kicked off the fourth Google for Startups Accelerator: Black Founders program - a digital accelerator for black-led Seed to Series A technology startups based in the US and Canada. The accelerator program brought the best of Google’s programs, products, people and technology to our 12 startups. In addition to mentorship and technical project support, the program also focused on product design, customer acquisition and leadership development for founders. To meet the selection criteria, each of these startups are using AI/ML to solve their business challenges, generating revenue, and between their Seed to Series A funding stage or equivalent. Coming to you LIVE from NYC, you will get the chance to hear from each startup on their business model, uses of technology, and progress to date. Learn more about the program and each startup at:
Exception es una de las keywords más comunes programando y una de las que más daño pueden hacer. Hoy te contamos por qué y una de sus alternativas. Vemos los ejemplos para la gestión de errores en tu API HTTP sin Excepciones que traen Adrián Ferrera González, Head of Software Development en Lean Mind y Carlos Blé Jurado, Líder en Lean Mind😊 ﹤🍍﹥ Enlaces ├ 🎥 Suscríbete: ├ 🔖 Cursos: ├ 🔗 Material relacionado: | ├ | └ └ 👋 Redes sociales: ├
Back in September, we kicked off the fourth Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders cohort, a 10-week digital accelerator program for women owned and women founded startups. The accelerator program brought the best of Google’s programs, products, people and technology to our 11 startups. In addition to mentorship and technical project support, the program also focused on product design, customer acquisition and leadership development for founders. These 11 startups were selected based on their readiness for the program, their use of AI/ML to solve their business challenges, and a specific technical challenge that Google mentorship and advisorship could help progress. During this event, you will hear from each startup on their business model, uses of technology, and progress to date. Learn more about the program and each startup at:
Ricardo Borillo nos trae unos ejemplos prácticos para aprender más sobre "Approval Testing". Quizás os suenen los términos "Snapshot Testing", "Golgen Master Testing", o "Characterisation Testing". Este tipo de técnicas para validar que nuestro software se comporta como esperamos son especialmente útiles en entornos por ejemplo donde tenemos que lidiar con sistemas heredados (legacy) que no tienen tests, queremos validar a nivel de UI, o incluso nuestras APIs HTTP. En este directo hablaremos sobre los beneficios y contraprestaciones de este tipo de técnicas 😊 ﹤🍍﹥ Links relacionados ├ 📝 Oferta empleo Declarando: ├ 🎥 Vídeo relacionado de Mutant testing: ├ 📝 Encuesta interés en curso Approval Testing: ├ 👩‍👧 Emily Bache: ├ 🎥 Emily Bache Tech Coach: @EmilyBache-tech-coach ├ 🎥 Introducing the Gilded Rose kata and writing test cases using Approval Tests: ├ 📄 Approval Testing: Agile Testing that Scales: ├ 🎥 Suscríbete: ├ 🐦 Twitter CodelyTV: ├ 👋 Twitter Ricardo Borillo: ├ 🫧 Twitter Javi: ├ 📸 Instagram: ├ ℹ️ LinkedIn: ├ 🟦 Facebook: └ 📕 Catálogo cursos: