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Ah code reviews. We need them, but we dread them. We do them, but not well. And we have automation available, but don't do more with it. In this talk, I want to tell you: All the things you're doing wrong in your code review How to fix all the wrong things What you should be doing to make code reviews better How to make code reviews the valuable, streamlined, and enjoyable process it should be on a software development team! You'll leave my talk with actionable advice you can implement today, improving your code review immediately! Let's change the way we do code reviews. Let's do better than LGTM 👍 -- let's make the code review processes on our teams great!
The advent of TCP/IP and the web produced an explosion of innovation by radically lowering the barrier to entry to networking. Thanks to recent technical and social innovation, we now have the building blocks for the next generation of open services: location-free verifiable data and computation. This talk presents the Interplanetary VM (IPVM), an open standard for local-first, verifiable, and distributed execution built on top of certificate capabilities (UCAN) and Wasm. Verifiable computation opens the door to content-addressed invocation with consistency guarantees that are determined statically. This greatly lowers the complexity over traditional architectures (e.g. LAMP). Not only is this easier to reason about, it also (paradoxically) has better than linear scaling: the more it's used, the faster it is! As anyone can participate, it doesn't depend on the handful of data centres provided by large orgs: anyone can provide capacity (including in underserved regions like Africa and South America).
Conoce cómo la #InteligenciaArtificial está cambiando nuestra vida cotidiana tanto en lo personal como en algunos ámbitos profesionales en “AI Everywhere by Doing”. En este capítulo, Santiago Alarcón, Director de Negocio de Google en SNGULAR, comparte su visión, su experiencia y cómo utiliza la #IA en su día a día, mirando hacia el futuro. ¡Gracias, Santiago!