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How to polish F2P games for higher LTV and retention. Case studies Marijana Nikolic - CMO, Peaksel Peaksel approach in testing. What we saw working better and what we saw working less. Testing and optimisation of whole user's journey. Testing with usage of Firebase.
How to validate your mobile game idea: A/B testing loop Nadia Nazarova - Head of Product, SplitMetrics Testing game through its assets before adding new features, before launch or even before its development. Insights on how to test your target audience, go-to-market strategy, characters.
How to assess if your game/app is ready to be promoted? Kazimierz Merklejn - Senior Growth Media Buyer at Huuuge Games Do you have a new app and wonder if it may become a hit? In that presentation, you'll see the recommended steps before starting regular UA for your app. You will learn about marketability tests, communication with the product team and assessing the readiness of your app to enter the global market—step by step, from zero to hero.
How to Scale a Mobile Game Post-IDFA in 2022? Daniel Rysan - Senior Growth Manager, SuperScale Scaling a mobile game can still be a big challenge after the post-IDFA changes. Join this talk and find out how we manage growth activities at SuperScale with an emphasis on the iOS platform. Presentation based on recent examples and case studies.
Creative fatigue and how to tackle it? Best practices in testing creatives Ramiz Trtovac - User Acquisition Manager Lead, Two Desperados Stefan Jovanovic - Creative Lead, Two Desperados What are the signs of creative fatigue? How much usually does one winning creative last? How to tackle creative that has declining performance? Reiterations, New Concepts, Testing.
Changing MMP and attribution - lessons Learned. A Reality Games MMP Migration Story Adam Smolarczyk - Head of Analytics, Reality Games Asya Stolbina - Customer Success Manager, AppsFlyer Lessons learnt from changing MMP. What was hard, what was easy in changing attribution infrastructure? The process from both sides: from AppsFlyer and Reality Games perspective.
Data-centric development of a game Miroslav Pikhart - Lead Product Manager, Geewa Applying the data-centric, user-focused approach towards developing a new product, executing liveOps on an older game as well as running a company, coupled with examples of things we learned while trying to make better decisions.
How ASO Has Changed in 2022. ASO Creatives and Organic Growth best strategies Agnieszka Szwarc-Motyl - ASO Creative Manager at Huuuge Games Magdalena Sumowska - ASO Expert at Huuuge Games A few words on the day-to-day synergy between the Organic Growth Team and the ASO Creative team. Best practices for ASO optimization (how we are doing it at Huuuge Games)
Dreamloft Case Study - Practical LTV calculation based on retention data Roberto Sbrolla - AppAgent, Mobile Marketing Lead In this case study, we will practically describe the thought process (and show & explain the actual work) that had to be done to allow DreamLoft's team to understand and predict the long-term LTV, payback time, and predicted ROAS for their main game - which allowed them to gain confidence and move their UA efforts to the next level.
How marketing development impacts game's marketability? Youssef Zerouali - Lion Studios, Manager at Marketing Development How does modifying directly the Unity projects of the game allow much more creative potential for the game’s creatives? How to make the best out of marketing development? Experience from many different projects.