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Commands, events, queries - three types of messages that travel through your application. Some originate from the web, some from the command-line. Your application sends some of them to a database, or a message queue. What is the ideal infrastructure for an application to support this on-going stream of messages? What kind of architectural design fits best? This talk provides answers to these questions: we take the *hexagonal* approach to software architecture. We look at messages, how they cross boundaries and how you can make steady communication lines between your application and other systems, like web browsers, terminals, databases and message queues. You will learn how to separate the technical aspects of these connections from the core behavior of your application by implementing design patterns like the *command bus*, and design principles like *dependency inversion*. For more info visit
Temas programados  Arquitectura Hexagonal En este episodio nos acompañarán: Jose Luis Fonseca ( Herminio Heredia ( Victor Sandoval (
Manel López twitter: web: ENLACES Repositorios Shopping Cart [41:43] ----------------------------------------------- Shopping Cart Business Logic Symfony2 ShoppingCartBundle Referencias [41:58] -------------------------- Hexagonal architecture [Artículo] [ENG] (Alistair Cockburn) +architecture The Clean Architecture [Artículo] [ENG] (Robert C. Martin AKA "Uncle Bob") What is Hexagonal Architecture? [Artículo] [ENG] (Philip Brown) Hexagonal Architecture [Articulo + Video + Slides] [ENG] (Chris Fidao) Hexagonal Architecture [Slides] [ESP] (Carlos Buenosvinos) Desdrupalizando la lógica de negocio [Video + Slides] [ESP] (Carles Climent)
Rubén Serrano y José Manuel Pereira ofrecieron una charla en Codemotion 2014, Madrid sobre Arquitectura Hexagonal en Android
Greach 2014, The Groovy Spanish Conf 28/March, Madrid, Spain Follow us on twitter Slides: Are you happy with the 3 tier architecture in your Grails applications? In this talk David will show how to apply the Life Preserver tool to implement the Hexagonal architecture in Grails applications. With plenty of code and a sample application, there will be discussion on using plugins, messaging and the features of Groovy itself to create the required structures and decoupling." David Dawson CEO at Simplicity Itself David Dawson is CEO at Simplicity Itself and works with their clients to continuously and sustainably delivering valuable software. He has worked in software development for 10 years, crossing banking, utilities, retail, virtualisation, from low latency messaging to rich web clients and has improved and automated himself out of several roles in that time. He has a particular interest in seeing software development as a discipline, that a development process should be both happy, and 'safe', and a passionate belief that the best solution is almost always the simplest (but no more simple than that!) If you want to discuss multi layered testing strategies, Groovy, CI or the flaws inherent in stateless him a beer and he'll happily debate till morning.
These are some resources about Object Oriented Design, testability and legacy code that I collected for the developers at
I've just watched this interesting talk by Konstantin Kudryashov and Marcello Duarte:The Framework as an implementation detailThey show how the framework (in this case Symfony) can become an implementation detail by using the hexagonal architecture.Check also the example code they show at the end of the talk. - por Garajeando
Last Monday I attended the second event of Barcelona Software Craftsmanship. Viktor Farcic and Jordi Falguera gave a talk about Specification By Example (SBE) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).I really did like the talk, especially because it was enriched with their own experiences applying SBE in different projects.For some people in the audience SBE was not a completely new concept, for some others it was. In either case, the topic generated a lot of interest and many questions.Those who w...