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8. Achieving Dependency Inversion by extracting an interface.Even though we are already injecting into Alarm the dependency on Sensor, we haven't inverted the dependency yet. Alarm still depends on a concrete implementation. Now we'll show how to invert the dependency by extracting an interface. Normally, it's better to defer this refactoring until you have more information, i.e., until the need for another sensor types arises, to avoid falling in the Speculative Generality code smell. However,...
1. Introduction.Last week I facilitated a guided kata for a Gran Canaria Ágil event in Aplicaciones Informáticas Domingo Alonso (thanks to both for inviting me) in which I explained a possible way to solve Luca Minudel's Tire Pressure Monitoring System exercise. This exercise is part of his TDD with Mock Objects: Design Principles and Emergent Properties exercises. I like these exercises very much because they contain clear violations of the SOLID principles but they are sill small enough to be...
¿Cuándo lo hacemos? Hablamos sobre esto, sobre la utilidad que le encontramos y damos alguna bibliografía que a nosotros nos sirvió para asimilar conceptos. Bibliografía [LIBRO] Refactoring, by Martin Fowler [LIBRO] Refactoring to Patterns, by Joshua Kerievsky [LIBRO] Pro PHP Refactoring [VIDEO] Curso de Refactoring, by Xavi Gost [WIKI] Principios SOLID [VIDEO] Debate de “gurús” sobre cohesión y acoplamiento … Sigue leyendo 01×08 Refactoring →
I've just watched this great talk by Colin Jones: SOLID Clojure - por Garajeando
I've just watched this wonderful talk by Jim Weirich: SOLID Ruby - por Garajeando
I've just watched this wonderful talk by Derick Bailey: SOLID JavaScript In A Wobbly (World Wide Web) - por Garajeando
I've just watched this interesting talk by Damian Nicholson in which he talks about how to test JavaScript GUI code: Writing (testable | maintainable | scalable | rock solid) JavaScriptHere are the talk slides. - por Garajeando
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Last month @pclavijo and I went to the Craft Conference in Budapest.It was my first international conference and it was a great experience.This were my favorite talks in no particular order:Conway's Law and you: How to organize your organization for optimal development, Michael FeathersPolyglot Data, Greg YoungResponsibly maximizing craftsmanship in software engineering, Theo SchlossnagleAcknowledging CAP at the Root - in the Domain Model, Eric EvansFind the right abstraction level for your test...
I've just watched this great talk by Kevlin Henney: The SOLID Design Principles Deconstructed - por Garajeando
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I've just watched this interesting talk by Cory Foy:Thinking in PatternsHe talks about thinking in the forces and the context of a given problem before deciding if any pattern is suitable. Once you decide that a pattern is suitable, instead of using the pattern implementation by the book, he advises to go on using design principles (SOLID, DRY, etc) to guide the development. This way the pattern would just be used as a reference of how the design might end being. - por Garajeando