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Alonso Torres ofreció el pasado viernes 21 de Noviembre en el evento Codemotion 2014 celebrado en Madrid en la Universidad San Pablo Ceu en el campus de montepríncipe, una charla sobre la máquina virtual de Java.
Alex is a software engineer specializing in enterprise technologies, test automation and continuous delivery based on the Java platform. He has over a decade of experience in the Java world, yet continually renews his skill set by learning new aptitudes and technologies every day. Presentation slides: Gabriele Lana presenta il suo workshop "Polymer, Web Components e RESTful API in NodeJS: una nuova ricetta per librerie Front End" che terrà a Codemotion Milano il 27 novembre 2014. Mario Cartia, Software analyst ed esperto di Big Data presenta qui il suo workshop "Hands On Big Data: Getting Started With NoSQL And Hadoop" che terrà a Codemotion Milano il 27/11/2014 Jacopo Romei, italian agile coach, presenta qui il suo workshop "From TDD to Kanban, one day through agile software development" che terrà a Codemotion Milano il 26/11/2014
Codemotion ha organizzato l'area Kids&Young della Maker Faire Rome 2014. Ecco il dietro le quinte dei corsi di Codemotion Kids, tra cui Banana Piano, Scarabot e Scratch. :-) Programmare è importante come leggere e scrivere! Musica: Go Cart Kevin McLeod [ ] Creative Commons 3.0
What is the first thing you do when you start a new project? We usually design the database and map it to our codebase, the so called CRUD approach, but is this always the best solution? Although CRUD is a fast way of developing simple systems, the codebase can quickly become a nightmare to maintain when applied to complex domains. We'll explore better alternatives to deal with complexity like DDD and CQRS, focusing on the distinction between the operations the user wants to do (commands) the data they're interested in (queries) and the rules and constraints of the domain.
Anche il business dei crimini informatici ha le sue innovazioni, e l'evoluzione riguarda servizi di botnet in affitto o self-contruction kit per la realizzazione di malware adatti per qualsiasi occasione. In questa consumerizzazione del crimine l'attenzione si sposta quindi sui client, per exploitare la fiducia dell'ignara vittima e ottenere le informazioni di interesse. Come funzionano le nuove campagne di attacco? Quali stratagemmi utilizzano? Come rilevarli? Il mondo delle guest image e la loro rapida e innovativa evoluzione, i progetti open, ma anche i limiti da prendere in considerazione. Language: Italian Url slides:
Vaadin is Java framework for rapid development of web applications in server-side environment. It abstracts the underlying document and state transfer technologies, allowing web applications to be developed in Java. Vaadin leverages the full power of GWT, a Java to Javascript compiler, making it possible to develop the entire web application stack and new client-side components without leaving the Java environment. Attendees will get an overview of Vaadin 7.1, a closer look at the Vaadin architecture behind the scenes of the framework. New features of Vaadin 7.2 will also be discussed. Language: English