Vídeos de programación

Vídeos sobre programación y desarrollo de software.
An online celebration of the Women of Startup Nation Accelerator (WOSNA) Summer 2020 cohort.
We've been conditioned to accept that the software we write only runs if we pay our Amazon bill and that the software we rely on can disappear one day because someone else didn't. We've lowered our expectations, too. Our software can only be so fast when it runs on a computer on the other side of the world. It doesn't have to be like this. We can have the benefits of the cloud with fewer of the disadvantages by thinking local. In this talk, Peter will give you an intro into the research Ink & Switch has been conducting into local-first software: software that prioritizes your experience on your computer. They've combined web technologies, recent breakthroughs in computer science, and peer-to-peer data distribution to show how you can build software with real-time collaboration at every level that never goes offline because it runs on your computer.
What does it mean for an organization to go DevOps? Capabilities over “Maturity”, Outcomes over Output and continuously focusing on adding value. Going DevOps means different things for each organization, and similar to other methodologies (such as Agile), the term DevOps needs to adapt to the company’s culture, leadership, and operations. This presentation will dive into the opportunities and challenges of deploying a DevOps culture and will encourage the audience to share their own personal experience implementing this organizational and cultural change.
Félix López joins the Post-Apocalypse session to talk about ownership. Ownership is the new hype, every article, post about high performing teams talks about it but almost none of them explain the reason behind it and how to achieve it. That's exactly what we are going to explore in this short talk.
En este curso vas a descubrir las bases del desarrollo web utilizando uno de los frameworks de Python más populares y extendidos: ¡Django! Veremos desde lo fácil que es montar una web simple, hasta lo potente que puede llegar a ser. ¿Quieres saber más? https://www.paradigmadigital.com/ ¿Quieres saber cuáles son los próximos eventos que organizamos?: https://www.paradigmadigital.com/eventos/ Ver más eventos nuestros: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2yjEVbRSX7XaQgyjsApXIqydTrC7v_Of
Processing the unbounded streams of data in a distributed system sounds like a challenge. Fortunately, there is a tool that can make your way easier. Łukasz will share his experience as a "Storm Trooper", a user of Apache Storm framework, announced to be a first streaming engine to break the 1-microsecond latency barrier. His story will start by describing the processing model. He'll tell you how to build your distributed application using spouts, bolts, and topologies. Then he'll move to components that make your apps work in a distributed way. That's the part when three guys: Nimbuses, Supervisors, and Zookeepers join in and help to build a cluster. As a result, he'll be able to show you a demo app, running on Apache Storm. As you know, Storm Troopers are famous for missing targets. Łukasz will sum up the talk by sharing the drawbacks and ideas that he missed when he first met this technology. After the presentation, you can start playing with processing streams or compare your current approach with the Apache Storm model. And who knows, maybe you'll become a Storm Trooper.
Join us for a special "Ask me Anything" panel which will dive into the state of angel investment post COVID 19, featuring leading angel investors Mark Schneider and Gregg Young from New York Angels, one of the largest and most active angel investment organizations in the world, Fabiola Hochkirchen, Partner at Berlin-based AUXXO Investments and an active angel, and Gal Chet, founder of Spinach Angels, a group of angel investors focused on Israeli Pre-Seed B2B SaaS technology investments
La eficiencia programando no siempre es la deseada. A veces dedicamos mucho tiempo a cosas que nos aportan 0 valor y otras dedicamos demasiado tiempo en tareas muy repetitivas. Hoy queremos profundizar en una de esas tareas que seguramente hemos hecho muchas veces: Crear, Revisar, Aprobar... ¡Pull Requests! Y en este caso concreto con nuevas features que la gente de JetBrains han añadido a sus IDEs. 🔥 Curso "IntelliJ IDEA" 👉 https://bit.ly/curso-intellij ¡Cuéntanos tus trucos! 😬 {▶️} CodelyTV ├ 🎥 Suscríbete: https://youtube.com/c/CodelyTV?sub_confirmation=1 ├ 🐦 Twitter CodelyTV: https://twitter.com/CodelyTV ├ 💂‍♂️ Twitter Rafa: https://twitter.com/rafaoe ├ 👨 Twitter Javi: https://twitter.com/JavierCane ├ 📸 Instagram: https://instagram.com/CodelyTV ├ ℹ️ LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/codelytv ├ 🟦 Facebook: https://facebook.com/CodelyTV └ 📕 Catálogo cursos: https://bit.ly/cursos-codely #productividad #programación #IntelliJ
Panel 3 - The secret sauce for delivering value As leaders in technology, our performance is tied to our teams’ ability of delivering value. But what is value? And how can we measure it in an unbiased way? In this session we’ll unpack this tiny word and we’ll discuss its different aspects with our experienced panelists. We heard about the challenges they faced to maximise the produced value, from shaping the development and alignment processes, to coaching their teams, choosing the right tools and technologies, and obviously... getting the metrics right! Master of Ceremony: Piergiorgio Niero - Head of Engineering at SuperAwesome Panelist Frank Amankwah - Head of Digital Engineering at Emirates Group Renan Gutman - Executive VP Product at Kaltura Chris Brooke - VP Engineering at Spirable Direct Meetup by Codemotion Tech Community EU! Subscribe to get the link to the live broadcast For support: community@codemotion.it Check all the Meetups online here: https://events.codemotion.com/?type=meetup Upcoming Conferences: https://events.codemotion.com/?type=conference